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Language is Never a Barrier Where There is Love

Eva was able to use her gift of being a bi-lingual Spanish/English speaker at a recent wedding at Our Cute Little Wedding Chapel. The groom spoke very little Spanish, the bride from Colombia,no English. I performed the ceremony in both languages. The groom said, he would try to say his vows in Spanish, which we tried a couple of sentences, then I decided he should know what he is promising right? so he finished his vows in English, you could tell he was so thankful he wouldn’t have to continue trying to speak Spanish! The groom also presented the bride’s son, a two year old with a beautiful ring and that was very touching. All three participated in the sand ceremony, the bride and groom placing the sand in the middle container and bride’s son “Miguel Angle” playing with the tops of the containers. I am sure some beautiful pictures and video were created from this fun and romantic ceremony. I got an “AMEN” after I read Corinthians, so I believe a good time was had by all. At the end of the ceremony the couple was congratulated by their family and friends and then the photographer escorted them outside for more picture taking! A great ceremony!

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