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LaKeith and Jessamine…Everyone seemed unusually connected to one another-

Lakeith Ghoston experienced hearing difficulty as a child, and by the time his hearing and speech were restored he had become skilled at signing.  So at Cerritos College when he saw and met Jessamine Maglantay — the girl of his dreams — she happened to be completely deaf.  No Problem — they could converse through sign language.  A match made in heaven for sure!  Great Officiants of Long Beach suggested the wedding ministry of Rev Dr Gary Barmore, and when they met at his home in Costa Mesa, Gary was put right at ease in communicating the wedding aspects, because the groom signed the words of ceremony and explanation to the beaming bride.  For the afternoon wedding November 16, a professional signer stood next to Rev Gary, instructing him to gaze, as usual, upon the couple and their guests, and she would hear his oratorical voice and sign to the bride as well as the hearing-impaired guests,  Everyone seemed unusually connected to one another, fostered by the high level of empathy and joy throughout the crowd.

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