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Laguna Beach’s Diver’s Cove is the setting for a sunset celebration of the re-birth of love!

Alain & Christel met 18 years ago in France, and took an instant disliking to each other.

So strong was this non-connection, that it took a tremendous shared loss a year and a half ago, to invite an opening in their hearts — to new possibilites — and to each other.

Alan Menken’s beautiful lyrics describe their transformation, perfectly:

“Tale as old as time

True as it can be

Barely even friends

Then somebody bends


Tale as old as time

Tune as old as song

Bittersweet and strange

Finding you can change

Learning you were wrong…”

So last night’s intimate family gathering on the beach with Great Officiant Pris, created a mood of jubliation and loving community as these two took their vows, and solidified a sense of tribe with their four boys.

What a testament to the power of love to heal, surprise, and build bridges where none existed for nearly two decades!

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