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KISS fans get married. I wrote a great soliloquy using KISS song titles. 

  Sarah and Robert got married at Woodland Hills country club. He is a huge KISS fan So I wrote the special reading for the ceremony using titles of their song using titles of their songs. 

And at the end of the ceremony I have everybody singing "I want to rock 'n roll all night and party every day."

They totally loved their ceremony and he begged me for a copy of the reading which I have listed below. If you are a big kiss and you'll know most of these songs

After your break up with Beth you were devastated you went SNOW BLIND and Tears Are Falling

Who Wants to Be Lonely next thing you know you were Calling Dr. Love

When you first traveled thru that Tunnel Of Love you knew that your relationship was Larger Than Life you thought I Was Made For Loving You and you knew you were a Prisoner of Love.

After several dates you knew I Finally Found My Way and after some Crazy Crazy Nights While The City Sleeps.

You wanted to tell everyone and Shout It Out Loud because you felt like you had been together for 100000 years.

You said Do You Love Me because you felt her Magic Touch so together you went to Detroit Rock City because God Gave Rock And Roll To You and she Fits Like a Glove

You were the King of The Mountain but you knew in A World Without Heroes,  Love's A Deadly Weapon

but it can turn you into a Mad Dog in some sort of Psycho Circus and All Hell's Breaking Loose

But come Hell Or High Water you had Nothin' To Lose Because you were Partners In Crime

So Drink some Cold Gin share your True Confessions and Great Expectations with each other.

And when you lay down with your God of thunder he will See You in Your Dreams. We hope your marriage will be Outta This World.



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