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Kermit Objected Loudly To This Wedding…….

This last weekend Roger married Michael & Connie at the amazing Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, one of Roger’s favorite wedding venues. The wedding area that Michael and Connie chose to get married at was the Redwood Room. The ceremony is held directly next to the reception area in front of a beautiful waterfall and pond. And this particular day, one uninvited guest decided to offer his two cents about this wedding and wasn’t shy about doing it….. Right at the beginning of the ceremony, just when Roger began to recite this couple’s love story, suddenly and without warning, one very loud bullfrog somewhere behind the bridal party started to croak……and croak….. and croak some more!! Every time Roger would start a sentence, this frog would do his thing. Roger would even hesitate to allow the bullfrog his moment, but it seemed that he only croaked when Roger started to talk! You could begin to hear the giggles in the crowd each time this bullfrog sounded off. Roger did his best to keep a semblance of order, but this frog wanted his moment in the spotlight and he certainly got it! It actually turned out to be a great story for the bride and groom and all their guests to tell…. The day Kermit crashed their wedding!!gr1 gr2 gr3

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