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Intercultural wedding at the Greystone Mansion by A. Mauricio

Sabrina's and Adi's Intercultural (Israeli/Argentine/Italian) Wedding at the Greystone Mansion, officiated by A.MAURICIO, this past September was like the set of a fashion shoot or a stylish movie.  Their guests, as well as both the bride and groom and their families who walked them down the aisle, were in dressed in white.  Being near the Jewish New Year, their color scheme was apropos as white represents leaving behind the past and starting fresh or new beginnings.  In fact, according to tradition, for the "Kalla"/Bride and "Chatan"/Groom the day of marriage is considered a personal Yom Kippur which is the culmination of the Jewish New Year. 



Sabrinia & Adi photo 1 1) Guests arrive and mingle before the start of the wedding.

Sabrina & Adi photo 22)  Adi is escorted by his parents.

Sabrina & Adi photo 33) Sabrina gets a kiss from her groom and her brother.

Sabrina & Adi photo 44) Sabrina and Adi.

Sabrina & Adi photo 55) Sabrina and Adi make their get away with assists from the bride's brother and groom's father. 

Sabrina & Adi photo 66) The Bride and Groom's get away vehicle… a white, of course, Bentley!

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