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How to write Wedding Vows

There are two types of vows couples utilize in their wedding ceremony. Repeated vows they repeat after the Officiant or the couple’s own vows that they have written.

The repeated vows are the simplest to do and can be customized any way the couple wants.

They are repeated in 1 to 4 word blocks to make it easy to follow.

When a couple wants to do their own vows I recommend that they follow these suggestions to make it amazing.

1. Do a short repeated vows to lead into their personalized words.

2. Don’t write promise vows, “I promise this and that” because no one keeps their vows and also everyone had heard it all before.

3. Instead of vows write your story. Like any good story use beginning middle and end. ” when I first met you I felt this way”, ” our life together has been this”, ” our future is this”.
This way it is a story you know. It comes off more genuine.

4. Make them the same length. Set a word or length together so it does not sound lopsided.

5. Don’t hand write it. Type it on the computer and print it on to card stock so it doesn’t flap in the wind or make crinkle sounds.

6. Best way to do it is to print it onto a nice peace of paper in a not too scripty font and place it in a picture frame.
Whee it it time for your vows the officiant will hand you the frame and you can read it off the frame. Then place them on the cake table for your guests to see and then you can hang them on your wall at home.

No matter how you decide to do your vows make them special to you.

In the picture below at Erin and Brian’s wedding at La Venta Inn in Palos Verdes they prepared their vows in frames and it worked flawlessly.



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