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Hawaiian and Filipino style wedding ceremony brings the spirit of aloha to this couple and their family

First off I got to tell you how much I love doing weddings at Yamashiro in Hollywood. as the preferred wedding officiant at that venue I love to get to work with the couples they send me.
Today Alfeo and Farrah had me bring aspects of the Hawaiian and Philippine cultures together.

Starting with me lighting a memorial candle to represent the brides mother; I then welcomed the guests.

The processional began and all were in place. They exchanged the beautiful shell and kakui nut necklaces. Then they passed roses to their mothers and grandmothers.
Their sponsors placed the veil and cord upon them while I explained their significance. Then exchanged the aras coins.

After their vows, I do's and ring exchange the did a unity candle ceremony filled by a prayer.

It was a beautiful light hearted wedding ceremony and they couldn't be happier.

We are pictured here "Throwing the Shaka" a hawaiian tradition showing approval and thanks.




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