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Harold and Penny adore Blue Jay California at Lake Arrowhead.

asdfasdfasdgfaHarold and Penny adore Blue Jay California at Lake Arrowhead. They chose to have their perfect wedding weekend this Saturday November 14th surrounded by close intimate family and a few friends, including Penny’s daughter Rachael from Spain on Skype ! Overlooking the pristine Lake Arrowhead surrounded with beautiful  trees covered in colorful fall leaves, a gentle crisp mountain breeze made the falling leaves dance in the wind and the lake sparkle like diamonds glistening in the sun. The family has fond memories of this area. Penny’s kids grew up there. A brief traditional Christian heartfelt ceremony was preformed by Great Officiant Lisa Smith accompanied by three family members readings. Even Rachel got to honor her Mom and Step Father with reading a special poem from Spain. The celebration lasted all weekend. Lots of holiday foods and and beverages were consumed. With long romantic walks around the lake followed by relaxation and old fashion fun with everyone. Congratulations to Harold and Pennie a beautiful couple. May they live happily ever after.gasgagffdgfhb

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