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Great Officiant Octavio’s Windy Wedding and Chapel Wedding Sucess!

Liliana & Yusef

Lilana and Yusef_ED

Liliana & Yusef were married at The Castaway in Burbank.  There are fabulous views from up there and it was a windy day.  Yusef’s father had passed away but he was right there with us alright!  This couple mean the World to me as their energies are hard to come across.


Yusef & Liliana, I wish you all the blessings in the Universe!!!!

Angelica & Jesus

Angelica and Jesus_ED

Angelica & Jesus got married at our beautiful chapel in Long Beach.  They had exactly 30 guests.  Even though we didn’t get a chance to meet beforehand, it felt like we had known each other for years.  Their wedding was very special, and their families and friends were very involved and such lovely people.


Jesus & Angelica, you definitely have my blessings always and I wish you the best!


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