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Great Officiant Octavio Shares Burger and Fries with Couple before Ceremony – Jamie & Greg


Jamie & GregWhat a delightful couple!  Jamie, Greg, and I met for lunch at The Counter Burger so they could get to know me and ask me all the questions they had.  I usually do this with my couples over the phone unless they live close enough.  We ended up telling each others’ life stories and their love story.  They are so in love!  I could just feel it and see it.  We definitely had an amazing bonding experience over burgers and parmesan fries!

They told me they wanted a Bilingual ceremony, so I went home and got to work.  During the ceremony, when I was addressing Jamie, I spoke English, and when addressing Greg, I spoke in Spanish.  They absolutely loved the idea and decided to add some words of their own to the vows.

The wedding guests were definitely not expecting the switch from English to Spanish, and loved it!  Jamie and Greg’s families were so beautiful and sweet.  They truly made me feel as part of their own.

Jamie and Greg decided to go to my country, Puerto Rico, for their Honeymoon, and I sent them a list of all my favorite things to do down there.  I can’t wait to hear how it went!!

This was an experience I will never forget!


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