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Great Officiant Michael’s Rancho Cordillera Del Norte Wedding- With Photo Bomber!

Patty & Ray

patricia and ray_2

Married at Rancho Cordillera Del Norte– Northridge on June 21, 2014

Patty and Ray had a unique, first-time-for-me, request – could I do some of their ceremony in both English and Spanish?  You bet I can!

They chose a few sections of their ceremony that they wanted to be bi-lingual and I was happy to oblige, speaking first in English and then repeating that section again in Spanish.  We had a great time crafting their ceremony with many unique elements – their customized love story, a Lasso ceremony which we combined with a Hand Blessing, and finally and exchange of Arras or coins.

They topped it off with their son, Little Ray, delivering the wedding rings secret agent style in a metallic case he was protecting.

Thank you so much Patty and Ray – it was a blast and an honor!

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