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Great Ceremony by Great Officiant’s Newest Team Member!

A nervous groom was no match for our newest Officiant  kind smile and empathic demeanor!  Though she herself felt a few butterflies in her stomach being her first ceremony with Great Officiants, she quickly helped this groom, sweating some bullets as he awaited his bride to walk down the aisle, with a few calming words and her contagious laughter!

Congratulations to  Great Officiants “debut ceremony”…it was fantastic!  Though she admitted to a few butterflies of her own, the guests would have never guessed.  She was a lean, mean (actually, no, she was really nice) marrying machine who received many warm hugs and words of thanks from the parents, siblings, other guests, as well as the couple, at the end of the ceremony.

Way to go , we are so glad to count you as one of the Great Officiants on our team!

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