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Glass Blending Unity Ceremony in Long Beach

Glass blending ceremony

On May 19th, 2019, James and Irene decided to tie the knot.

Suvin performed their ceremony at a private estate in Long Beach. It was an intimate ceremony with a close group of family and friends. 

The couple was able to incorporate their family in bringing up the rings and glass.

Glass you ask? That is right!

The couple prepared something really neat, a glass blending ceremony. It is similar to a sand blending ceremony, but the couple is doing something very unique with the final result. They combined two different colored glass crystals, representing their individual lives combining into one. With the glass crystals that were combined, they are created a vase to keep as a memory for themselves, but also two ornaments. These two ornaments will go to each set of parents, so everyone has a memento from their big day.

The couple was nervous, but with the right amount of humor, Suvin was able to ease their nerves, and appease the crowd.

May they live happily ever after.

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