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Hispanic and Armenian Heritage…Gevol and Evelyn

Evelyn Benitez and Gevol (Joe) Kirpeichyan were united in marriage in a beautiful wedding by the shore of Casa de Lago in Orange.  They wished to include in the ceremony tributes to their respective Hispanic and Armenian heritage.  So at the planning meeting in the home of Rev. Dr. Gary Barmore, who was secured for them by Great Officiants of Long Beach, they developed a sequence to occur after the exchange of vows:  kneeling pillows brought by nieces, a double-looped lasso brought by Evelyn’s family,  and golden crowns presented by Joe’s family.  Rev. Gary explained the significance of each symbol and then offered a prayer of God’s blessing while a cross was held over the kneeling couple.  Gary reminded the guests that because Joe and Evelyn were uniting in marriage, this made all of them “one family”  or “una familia para este familia” or …(he apologized for not saying it in Armenian).  Everyone then went into the air-conditioned ball-room for more beautiful traditions and celebrations.

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