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Geography did not Limit Sarah in her Goal of Knowing Her Couple

20150530_163725_resizedI always meet with couples prior to their wedding in what is often termed a "pre-marital counseling session."   As a pastor, I feel like I have an ethical obligation to actually get to know the couples that I marry so that we're not strangers.  While it is impossible to know everything about a couple and their relationship, I believe it is important to understand each couple, hear their story, discuss their challenges past, present and future, and really get a feel for why and how they love each other.  We usually do this in person, but on rare occassions, like this one with Wade and Maddy, we have a geographical obstacle.  Wade had recently accepted a position in Florida, so the couple trekked across the country and relocated their lives, hence having to plan their wedding from afar.  I'm so thankful for today's technology because through phone and email we were able to set up two skype session where we could get to know each other.  It's never as good as the real thing, but skyping gave me the opportunity to get to know Maddy and Wade and hear for myself all of the reasons why they're a perfectly matched couple.   In this case, there were many.   

Here is a couple who embraced the opportunity to reflect upon their relationship, to identify areas of growth, and to imagine what their future will hold.  Their commitment to partnership is evident in their thoughtful articulations of love, commitment and the life story they have written together.  It was a joy getting to know them and an honor to weave their story of love, commitment, faith, and partnership into their unique ceremony. 

By the time we arrived in Culver City on Saturday, I felt like I knew them well and was eager to join with them and their family for a beautiful wedding celebration! 20150530_171603_resized

The ceremony itself was a true reflection of who they are and who and how they love.   Wade and Maddy chose to write their own vows and share their own words as they exchanged their rings.  They asked Wade's grandmother to pick the scripture, and she chose a passage out of Proverbs and the famous reading from the Apostle Paul on love out of I Corinthians 13.  

The venue was delightful: "The Smog Shoppe" was situated right in the heart of Culver City's commercial zone and likely was at one time an actual smog shop.  Now, it's a trendy hip spot that is both beautiful and modern.   It's most striking feature is a wall of succulents.  I'm sure it made an incredible backdrop for their photos!  Their wedding coordinator, Christine did an amazing job ensuring every detail was in place. 

Wade and Maddy are a special couple who really know and value what marriage is all about.  Their wedding day was beautiful as are they, and  I'm certain life's blessings will be theirs always. 20150530_172253_resized

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