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Fun Disney Movie Reading for a Wedding Ceremony

I have a lot of couples who are huge Disney fans so I wrote this story on How to live like your favorite Disney Character.

Live your life like some or your favorite movies.
Like Carl and Ellie Fredricksen your love can be epic. It can only go UP from here.
May you learn to cook like Remy in Ratatouille…
Like Wreck It Ralph strive to be better and to make people love and admire you.
You will find your own National Treasure by going on quests and seeking the true meaning of the clues you give each other thru your relationship.
Like Jack sparrow seek your adventure to find what you treasure most. Gold, pearls and lots of rum.
Like Flik in Bugs life sometimes being a misfit can turn you into a warrior if you just believe in yourself.
Like Ariel in the Little Mermaid you learned to be a little rebellious to get what you desire and you found someone to be part of your world.
Like In Aladdin even a loly street urchin can find his princess by rubbing the magic lamp. Just don’t rub it the wrong way.
Like Mike and Sully from Monsters inc help others find their way even though it may seem scary
The movie Cars shows you the true meaning of friendship and family.
The story in Mulan shows you to honor your parents as they helped you grow to be who you are be there for them when they need you
Like Jack Skellington in Nightmare Before Christmas create your own celebrations the way you want them to be.
Not everything is a fairytale in life, but when you devote your life to the one you love you can live a complete life.
May you one day both find your own Paradise Falls

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