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San Dimas Golf Club wedding
A stunning wine ceremony.

“FORE” in golf means watch out and that was the wedding of David and Ashley… something to watch out for!

David and Ashley were married at the gazebo located at the San Dimas Golf Course in San Dimas, California. This wedding was planned down to the smallest of details and as you can tell from the pictures it was beautiful.

The staff at the San Dimas Golf Course helped out tremendously to make sure that the wedding started on time and without any incidents.

Ashley came down the aisle looking so beautiful while David stood anxiously waiting for the arrival of his bride, and when he saw her he cried just a little bit, or it could’ve been the downpour of rain that happened during the ceremony outside… Either way it goes he took a deep breath when he saw her and was nothing but smiles from that point forward.

San dimas golf course Wedding arch and wine tasting ceremony.

An outdoor wedding is a beautiful event and you can plan everything down to the smallest detail except how the weather is going to be, but that did not stop David and Ashley from making it a great wedding.  I was proud to be a Great Officiant for their wedding.

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