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Firemen gets the Girl and the Fire Engine at this Disney wedding.

Perla and Matthew got their fairytale wedding today at Disney. He is a fireman and so as a surprise she arrange for one of the historic Disney fire engines to bring her in and then take them around after. He was so excited about this.

Their ceremony was very goofy. They wanted to do mad Lib vows and have their guests fill in the blank for the ceremony. They did some great custom I dos too. 

Perla To Matthew:

•       Do you promise to not get frustrated with me when I don't listen to your fitness, dietary or medical advice?

•       Do you promise to not blame me for your hearing loss, vision loss and any other natural change that happens with age?

•       Do you promise to not pass out next month when you see the credit card bill?

Matthew to Perla:

•       Do you Perla promise to not shush me when I'm watching football?

•       Do you Perla promise to understand that my collection of Frisbees, is like your collection of shoes?

•       Do you Perla promise to leave the car radio on one radio station for longer than half a second while station hopping?

After the ceremony they went into the park to play for a few hours before the reception in the evening. 


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