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Family Joins in the Vows at this Rancho Cucamonga Ceremony with Rev. George

Jocelyne and Jaime got married in Rancho Cucamonga at a friend’s home. The back yard was transformed from a happy family home complete with swing set and all, and through the magic of pipe and drape, among other things, it became Jocelyne and Jamie’s romantic ceremony site.

Three bouquets were placed on three empty chairs by groomsmen before the ceremony began in a place of honor next to the wedding party. The bride’s mother had passed on in 2010, her twin sister a few years before that. The groom’s best female friend had passed also. In their honor Re. George said a special blessing for the departed ones reminding everyone that though not physically present, they were there in everyone’s thoughts.

The bride was radiant and the groom dashing. As it came time for the vows, Rev. George reminded their guests that Jaime, being a Mixed Martial arts instructor, truly puts new meaning to his vow to love, honor and protect!

A most memorable moment of the ceremony was when Rev. George asked the entire audience to take a sacred vow to love honor and support the new couple. To signify their agreement everyone joyously declared, “I Do”.

A good time was had by all, including Reverend George, who enjoyed this day very much. Congratulations Jaime and Jocelyne!

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