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Edwin and Patricia were married at the Westminster Manor in Westminster by Roger

rogeredwinpatriciaRoger had the great honor of marrying Edwin & Patricia this last weekend at the historical Westminster Manor.  From the very first time Patricia reached out to Roger, she had told him that she “just knew” that Roger would be the person to give them their perfect wedding.  And that is exactly what Roger wanted to give them.  He took plenty of notes and carefully crafted the perfect ceremony for a couple that truly deserved it !!

Here’s what Patricia sent to Roger after their wedding.

“Hi Roger,

There isn’t a word that can best describe how wonderful you are.  For some reason, I felt you were the one, my heart just told me or maybe my mom had a hand in it. Together, we worked out the date so that you would be the one performing our ceremony.  You even offered to have someone else step in but we figured it out and I am so glad we did. You had everyone going through all the emotions… laughing, crying and falling in love.  From the bottom of our heart, Ed and I thank you for giving us such a wonderful ceremony.

Thank you so much!

Patricia and Edwin.”

And here’s what Patricia sent to Alan Katz, owner of Great Officiants.

“Hi Alan,

I was married this past Saturday and the ceremony was performed by Roger. After reading Rogers profile, I felt he was a perfect fit.  Ed and I met Roger before our ceremony to go over details and fun facts.  We left our meeting feeling even more sure that we had made the right decision.
The Ceremony Roger performed was so much more that I could have ever asked or dream about.   Roger had the whole room laughing, crying, and falling in love all over again.  Words can’t properly express just how great Roger was at performing my ceremony.  I am fortunate to have to have found your website and feel so blessed to have had Roger performing our ceremony.  Roger definitely made my wedding ceremony a memorable one.

Thank you so much!

Patricia. “

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