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Do not fear, Great Officiants are here!

It's a nice day for a wet wedding! Berenice and Gabriel got married at Luminarias in Monterey Park. It was a rainy day and Gabriel asked me "What if starts raining?". I told him "Do not worry my man, the show must go on. If it rains we will just get wet."

For all of you wonderful couples out there, if your wedding is outdoors and it happens to rain, then the more beautiful I will make it. We Great Officiants incorporate everything that is out of everyone's control into our ceremonies by making a quick joke or a poetic comment suck as "…and the Angels are crying of joy to see you two tying the knot". Do not fear, Great Officiants are here!

It rained a bit throughout this beautiful ceremony but we all just went with it and I made sure everyone forgot about the fact it was raining by performing an unforgettable ceremony.

We chose our Catholic Lite ceremony with the Lasso, Coin, and Mothers' Rose Presentation, a personal favorite. It turned out great!!!

Gabriel and Berenice, I wish you all the blessings in the world!!!o1 o2

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