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Check out these three awesome weddings Roger performed

The Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills is an amazing place to marry.  It can hold hundred’s of guests for an over the top, giant wedding……..  But in Mario & Laura’s wedding, it was no more than 10 people.  Just an Intimate, family ceremony.  So why did they choose Greystone ?  It was a place that Mario would take Laura when they first started dating and they wanted to marry where it all began.  And Roger got to be part of this amazing event.

Roger was fortunate enough to be part of a picture perfect wedding this last weekend.  He married Jaime & Kara, a wonderful couple truly in love.  The wedding was held at the Eagles Nest Country Club in Cypress.  The only concern was the weather forecast……. It was predicting triple digit heat and everyone was worried that this outdoor wedding was going to be ruined…….  Well, it was either Roger’s wishing, or mother nature wanting to help, but the temperature at the venue was a comfortable level and everyone had a great time.  Not too hot at all !!

If you had to pick the perfect place for a sunset wedding, the Laguna Beach Surf & Sand Hotel up on the terrace would be in the top ten…….That is where Roger had the pleasure of marrying Darryl and Alexandria this last weekend.  And to top off this amazing wedding venue, Darryl & Alexandra told Roger that their guests were coming to party and Roger needed to bring the fun, funny and romance to their ceremony !  Boy did they come to the right guy !  Not only did Roger have the guests in stitches, but many, many heartfelt moments throughout the ceremony.  It was a perfect wedding !

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