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The Chapel on a Saturday

Beatriz and Ronnie were a sweet couple visiting Long Beach. They met at Beatriz’s work, where she is a nurse and Ronnie works in the engineering department. We were told that Ronnie would hope things would break down in her office, so he could see her beautiful face!





Beatriz wore a beautiful form-fitting dress, which she shared her secret with the ladies in the office… only $80.00 off the rack on sale! Just a short and simple ceremony in the Chapel on Saturday, speaking of love and romance. Shhhh. Beatriz and Ronnie were keeping the wedding a secret until this morning!





Catherine and Jay were a last-minute walk in on Saturday. We always try to remember to ask the couple how they met… this was a first. They met at their auto mechanic!




We LOVE couples who have interesting stories behind their meetings, and these two were certainly some we will not soon forget.

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