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A Bride Forgets Her Vows In The Middle Of A Lemon Grove…………

Roger had the honor of marrying Albert & Victoria this last weekend at one of Roger’s favorite wedding venues.  Limoneira Ranch out in Santa Paula.  Not a lot of people know about this gem of a wedding venue out in the middle of agriculture country in Ventura County.  Not only is the wedding venue extraordinary but the venue is in the middle of a large scale working lemon grove !  And when Roger says in the middle, you are literally surrounded by lemon trees !  In fact, the venue invites wedding guests to wander into the grove and pick their limit of lemons !  And by now, all the rain cloud clouds had dissipated and it was a beautiful afternoon for a wedding.  And the wedding was going along perfectly…………up to the point where the bride & groom were to read their own vows to each other.  Just as Roger invited Albert the groom to read his vows, Roger noticed that the bride Victoria suddenly waved to the Maid Of Honor and whispered something……..well it didn’t take a genius to figure out that the bride forgot her vows !!  So the maid of honor excuses herself and signals to the coordinator Abby to help and off goes Abby running to find them.  Roger sees what is happening behind all the guests so he quickly on the spot adds more to the ceremony to give time for the vows to make their way up to Victoria without skipping a beat !  She reads her well planned vows and it goes off perfectly !  A beautiful wedding !

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