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The Bride Almost Married The Wrong Groom………

Wait a minute……….what does that mean???

So let’s go back to the beginning…….  First of all, one of the most fun loving couples, Brian & Allison, Roger has come across !!!   This couple was not only ready to get married, totally in love, but wanted their wedding day to be one to remember………..and boy did they get that !!  First of all, a great choice for wedding venues out there in Agoura Hills at Malibou Lake Mountain Club.  And they picked the perfect wedding coordinator Holly who played momma bear perfectly and kept everybody on track.  And of course, the original fun guy Roger……..and that made for the perfect wedding………not so fast……. Everything was set and ready for the big day………. So now it’s several hours before the wedding and the bride and entire bridesmaids entourage were leaving their hotel to get on the shuttle to bring them to Malibou Lake and just as they were leaving, the shuttle driver congratulated Allison and told her she was a lucky gal to be marrying her groom…..and then said a different name…….Allison quickly corrected him and told him her groom’s name was Brian……….The shuttle driver immediately screeched to a halt, turned around and said “lady, you got the wrong groom!  This shuttle is going to a wedding, but not yours” !!!  So the girls got off the shuttle bus and then found the “right” shuttle bus going to Malibou Lake !  Confirmed twice with the driver that they were going to the right groom and they were off !!!    Whooo !  Close call !  Boy how would Roger have handled that ?!?!

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