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Big Lebowski wedding ceremony.

 Justin and Alicia didn’t know what to put into their ceremony. They know they wanted something different. In our conversations together they mention that there are big fans of The movie “The Big Lebowski”. They didn’t want me to go full dude and wear a bathrobe and drink a white Russian during the ceremony so when I was writing their wedding ceremony I decided to put several Dudeisms into it.

One of my ordination is from the Church of the Latter-Day Dude.  Yes I’m a Dudist Priest.

Here are some of the Dudeisms I slipped in…..

The dude abides

marriage is like bowling there are rules

I don’t normally work on Shabbos but I made an exception for your wedding

be nice to each other because aggression will not stand

your love like the rug really ties the room together

Look out for the nihilists and try to avoid them at all costs

It’s wonderful that you get to marry someone with 10 fingers and 10 toes

I told them I don’t normally work on Shabbos but I made an exception in their case

I called him the dude, his dudeness, duder and elduderino

And if somebody decided to interrupt the ceremony I had “Shut up Donnie” ready and waiting.

They really loved the ceremony and gave me this very nice testimonial.

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