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Best Man Was The Hero And Saved the Wedding Day !

Roger had the honor of marrying Tim & Allison this last weekend at the beautiful Mountain Meadows Golf Course in La Verne.  Now Tim & Allison are both really fun people, very care free and both were looking for a really crazy, fun filled wedding.  Neither of them expected to be emotional at all during the ceremony……….That is why when, all of a sudden Allison started to majorly tear up right at the start of the wedding, that the groom Tim & Roger were both caught off guard !  Here our poor Allison in full blown tears and no tissue to be found !!  That is until the the hero of the day, the best man Kyle stepped up and handed her his handkerchief and saved the day !!  If was fitting and proper that one of the boys in the bridal party would be the hero since they were all wearing action hero socks that even had capes on them !!  You can see the capes in the picture !!

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