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Beautiful Malibu, Redondo Beach and Dana Point Ceremonies!


With much business about the rain- will it or won’t it – everyone opted for setting up outside. The staff at Cannons Seafood Grill, in Dana Point, did an amazing last minute job of setting up, drying up and putting up a fantastic site for Sara and Mark’s ceremony. The couple was extremely happy for the perfectly timed break in the rain and to have a fun, romantic and meaningful ceremony. Lots of smiling, laughing, dancing (or something that may have been dancing) and even a few fist pumps; that was the couple DURING the ceremony! Great way to start a Saturday afternoon and a lifetime of happy marriage!

Blog-Octavio1Great Officiant Octavio married Aurora and John at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. He wrote us the following piece:

“What a gorgeous location for a wedding! This is a very special couple for me. We have a bond unlike any other. I guess it’s mainly because outside of their wedding, we would most likely be friends. If I could, I would marry them every weekend for the rest of my life! Many blessings to you my dears!”

FotorAVY2ABCWith lots of anxiety Anthony plodded along the erratic 405 from Dana Point, which started late due to rain, getting ever closer to the start time for Jillian and Robert. With a cool fifteen minutes to spare, I walked into the Crowne Plaza in Redondo Beach and saw a wonderful Chuppah with lovely flowers. The patio area lines with decorated chairs, everything looking perfect. The couple, family and wedding party were all having fun, laughing, joking and ready to “get married”! The rain stayed down south and only showed hints of making an appearance well after the ceremonies’ end. Including prayer, the Chuppah and the stomping of the glass at the end – all around fantastic blended faith event!

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