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A beach wedding in Santa Monica, Little Corona del Mar, and a Wedding at Orange Hill Restaurant by Suvin

Jaronica and Darryl came from Georgia and Missouri, respectively, to have their ceremony in the sands of Santa Monica

It was a beautiful day, and they got married at the perfect time, catching the golden hour for the sunset. The entire family surrounded them on the beach, and surrounded them in love. They had a Christian ceremony, sprinkled with a little bit of humor here and there. They did not want to write their own vows, but still wanted a personal touch. I advised them to share some words with each other right before the conclusion of the ceremony. Nothing formal, nothing written down, just a few loving words straight from the heart.

We delivered the marriage license also! This saved them a trip down to the county clerk’s office since they were in town just for a few days.

Congrats to the happy couple.

On a warm July day, Hala and Nicholas tied the knot overlooking the amazing view provided by the Orange Hill Restaurant.. I met this awesome couple at the Orange Hill Bridal Show, and they wanted to incorporate some Arabic traditions with some Christian elements. They did not want it too heavy handed though. I recommended we have a reading from Rumi and 1st Corinthians. A quick wedding prayer at the end of the ceremony tied everything nicely together.

Although it was a warm day, everyone enjoyed. They had a large wedding party complete with friends and family, and look at that beautiful walkway!

Brittany and Vincent had an intimate ceremony at Little Corona Del Mar, one of my favorite beaches.

They had a trying situation, Brittany’s mother has stage 4 bone cancer. In situations like this, I was happy to donate my services to this loving couple. They traveled all the way from Vegas so mom could experience this moment. They were able to have the ceremony of their dreams in front of their family on this gorgeous summer evening. They were able to catch the sunset as well.

I performed a Christian based ceremony with a sand blending. Sand Ceremonies are such a cool addition to beach ceremonies. It really captures the vibe of the moment, and it is a perfect expression of two people’s lives joining into one.

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