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Avail yourself with this blog about Veils

Veils have been a long time tradition as headwear for the official wedding ceremony. Though some modern day brides have decided to throw out the traditional thinking of the past, and go for a more modern or bohemian look. Other’s want the traditional look but want a little more personality to it. In the end it is the most special day of the brides life and shouldn’t she feel like a princess? Why not add a tiara to the top of your hair, or channel in some Gatsby by going with a feathered headband or a Juliet cap.


Bridesmaids on the other hand don’t have the opportunity to wear a veil as a headpiece, but that doesn’t leave them without options. Have your hairdresser add in some modern hairpins, or even a headband with rhinestones or lace (depending on the theme of the wedding). Don’t fret, SimplyBridal’s newest infographic is a quick introduction on popular styles and will help you figure out which headpiece is right for you.


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