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Five Unique Wedding Venues


If you want a wedding that is out of the box, you can choose an unusual venue. While this list won’t top the world’s weirdest weddings, these five unique wedding venues have just enough spice for those who want to break out of the mold.



Fish and water make a gorgeous backdrop to exchange your vows. Afterwards, you and your guests can wander cool blue hallways to look at exotic animals.


Theme Park

Did you know that many people get married at a theme park each year? This is perfect for those who are kids at heart, and many larger theme parks have wedding packages.



If you’re more adventurous and are keen to get your scuba license, you can tie the knot underwater. This is wonderful for intimate destination wedding or elopement! Or you can check of your local aquarium allows scuba ceremonies!


On the Roof

If you love city-living but want a dramatic view then a rooftop wedding is perfect. After the sunset, you can catch the entire city come alive below.


In the Air

This is for couples who want something out of this world. Did you know that you can get married while sky diving or in a hot air balloon? Your guests can participate safely via video on the ground.


Natalie Tsang is the editor of SimplyBridal. She was born and raised in California and is a hopeless romantic. She dreams of a whimsical, rustic wedding.

Natalie Tsang

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