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An Interfaith, Bilingual Ceremony at a Private Home in Torrance

IMG_1002Stewart and Veronica are so in love with each other they both were almost in tears when we met for the first time. I love meeting couples that are so crazy in love with each other!

Veronica is Catholic and Stewart is Jewish therefore they wanted to incorporate some traditions of each of their heritages. From the Catholic side we incorporated the Lasso ritual and the wedding prayer in both English and Spanish. From the Jewish side we incorporated the Chuppa, 7 Blessings, breaking the glass at the end of the ceremony, and the Kiddush which is a wine blessing also common in the Catholic tradition but with a different name.

Veronica has a daughter and two sons whom Stewart absolutely adores! When we met they told me it was really important to them to include their children in the ceremony. They bought a necklace for each of them with family trees and each necklace had their birth stones. In the presentation of the necklaces I spoke to the kids explaining to them the symbolism behind the necklaces and the important role each of them has in the happy couples lives.

This was a multicultural ceremony very customized to the couple’s needs. It truly came out absolutely beautiful and Stewart, Veronica, and I worked together to design the perfect ceremony for them.

Stewart and Veronica I wish you both all the blessings in the world and send you all my love!

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