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Aloha La Canada Flintridge Country Club

Conch, Aloha, floral, Hawaiian, leis, La Canada Flintridge.

Victor and Madeline created a beautiful traditional Hawaiian wedding. I had the honor and the pleasure of officiating for this lovely couple. We were gifted with a glorious perfect California day.  As all the guests arrived, gently live harp music by Bonnie Mohr was being played.  Guests were met with much aloha and presented an authentic Plumeria flower lei from Hawaii . Victor and Madeline also have a home on Kauai explaining their absolute love of the islands and cultures. We began the ceremony with the traditional blowing of the Conch shell, this signifies to all on the island that a very special occasion is about to occur.  Madeline’s brother( another Victor) had the honors of the Conch! Victor And Madeline exchanged very special beautiful tuberose and pike flower leis just for bride and groom , they exchanged Vows, I Do’s, rings and tears of joy.

And another huge successful union of marriage was completed by me Officiant Lisa Smith of  Great Officiants and more to come Aloha and Mahalo!

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