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Almansor Court Wedding

Gary’s blog:

Olivia Pan and Christopher Lim made a series of good choices for their marriage ceremony May 23: the weather was lovely, as was the lakeside gazebo at Almansor Court; the coordinator, photographer, and DJ exercised their professional skills without being obtrusive; Rev Gary Barmore, their minister from Great Officiants, conducted a ceremony that he planned with the couple, allowing them to relax and really experience the expressions of love, commitment and joy. Another purposeful choice was the day of May 23, because it was exactly five years before on Chris’s May 22 birthday that they had their first date. Chris and Olivia, cherishing their families and heritage, presented roses to their parents, while coordinator Kate translated Rev. Barmore’s words into Vietnamese. Their officient himself teared-up at the close of the ceremony, remarking that this was the first time in over a year he could approach a couple and place his hands on theirs for the marriage blessing. 

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