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Alice in Wonderland themed wedding reception 

 When Stefanie and Warren hired me perform the ceremony at the Orange County Mining Company, I never knew what big Alice in Wonderland fans they were. they have tons of really cool decorations. So I decided to add some Alice in Wonderland quotes to the ceremony.
I talked about their wedding Wonderland, falling down the rabbit hole to be together and that if he didn’t listen to her it was “Off With His Head”

One of the other things I incorporated into the ceremony was to honor his Native American traditions. I did a burning of the sage also known as smudging. click HERE to learn more about smudging. I use it to cleanse the room of evil spirits or crazy relatives and to bring an aura of peace and happiness to the room.

 It was also Great to be able to work with Liz at her first wedding as catering manager at the Orange county mining company.

I love being a Wedding Officiant!!!!

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