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Adrian and Inez’s Malibu beach wedding

From France with a small group of family and close friends, Inez and Adrian reached out to Great Officiants for a turnkey wedding on the beach.  The permits, chairs, Chuppah, flowers and even a sound system were all provided and set up seamlessly.

The forecast was for thundershowers on the eve of Adrian and Inez’s Malibu beach wedding.  Driving from San Clemente for two and a half hours in pouring rain didn’t exactly comfort me.  With no alternative for a dry ceremony, I plunged forward until I turned onto the quiet winding road toward Point Dume.  I was only ten minutes from the location when the clouds began to part and slowly the sun peeked through the gray.  Arriving at the end of the road, I noticed the unmistakable van from So Cal Beach Weddings.  Moments later, Michael drove up with the couple’s wedding license, issued on the spot and location.  When all was set up, Inez and Adrian arrived. The license was signed, witnessed by the rabbi and the ceremony began.

There are no words to describe the beauty of the beach in the midst of a passing cloud bank. The sun lighting the coastline and the iconic Point Dume surrounded the party with beauty that could not be staged by man.  It was a wonderful wedding gift from Nature herself.

We began with the signing of the couple’s beautiful custom Ketubah. With the designs given to me by Inez, I was able to complete what she envisioned.  As we moved into the ceremony, it was so touching to see tears of joy falling from Inez’s eyes.  The service was personable and lighthearted. When it was over, I was thinking that everyone would leave for their reception as it became quite cold and cloudy. Instead, I was surprised and moved when Adrian connected his smartphone to the speakers and played music that provided them a moment to be dancing on the beach, in Malibu, celebrating their dream wedding .  Mozel Tov Adrian and Inez!

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