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A Walk on Beach Ceremony in Long Beach

IMG_0114Yolanda & Arturo's wedding took place at 69th Pl. in Long Beach. They had a pretty big bridal party So they requested that I help them with the rehearsal. We did the rehearsal a week before their wedding, practiced it a few times, and the result was beautiful and very formal!

They did not have a beach set up but still wanted it to look as formal as possible. It was Yolanda's idea to make a heart on the sand with Rose petals so that they would stand inside the heart. I did this right before we begin the ceremony. They also brought their own radio so that I could control the processional and recessional music.

We performed a Catholic light ceremony in Spanish with the traditions of the coins and Lasso.

Having done a rehearsal really helped us in making their wedding very beautiful and traditional! Even though it is an extra fee for the rehearsal if you don't have awedding planner we can really help you achieve a very beautiful formal wedding ceremony.

Yolanda and Arturo have been together for many years and it really was about time for them to tie the knot as the love they have for one another is not only obvious but extraordinarily beautiful!

Yolanda and Arturo I wish you both and your kids all the blessings in the world and my best wishes always!

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