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A Very Unique Wedding !

asgfasdhfgsdhgThis one is one for the books !  Roger had the honor of marrying Andrew and Henry, together for 11 years who flew out from Boston to get married at Tom Of Finland, an erotic museum here in Los Angeles.  It was just a small group of friends attending  along with a fun, but casual ceremony.  And this was a first for Roger…… Instead of exchanging rings, they exchanged cigar bands !  It was a great time and one to remember !!

Andrew & Henry were very happy with the ceremony and said so below…..

Roger Dodger,
Thanks so much for officiating our ceremony yesterday. You are a real sport and lots of fun on top of being a wonderful officiant.  Your “sermon” was the perfect balance of wisdom and humor making a very serious event into something fun and full of life.
If you make it to Berlin in the coming year looks us up, otherwise  we’ll hunt you down when we get back to LA !

Mr & Mr Henry Richard Andrew Maniace Buzzi!”


Photos Courtesy of Michelle Lacson Photographydshgfjdhfj jghkfghkm kfgjkjyrtuertyertyndfngdfgnjwturtyu

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