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A Very Emotional Day for Roger the Officiant!!

Ivy, Pre wedding, Flowers, Purple.

Roger had the pleasure of marrying Brett & Krystle this last Saturday at his parents home in Wrightwood up in the San Bernardino Mountains.  Now if you have not had the pleasure of visiting this quaint mountain community of about 4500, you are missing out.  

It’s not a busy as its sister mountains, Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear but it is a hidden gem everyone should see. And the parents home for the wedding was spectacular!  From beautiful grounds to an intimate pond, the setting was beautiful.  And Roger had an amazing wedding… lots of laughs and lots of tears… You see Roger had to be spot on because he had THREE other couples that he had married there attending the wedding of Brett & Krystle!  And they had each passed on Roger’s name and pedigree onto the next couple to get married.  

Roger wasn’t aware of this until the day of the wedding and he was so touched and overwhelmed by the wonderful words from his past couples… This was one day Roger will always remember…

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