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A Special Day In Rolling Hills

Justin and Ariana chose a beautiful venue located, nestled in the rolling hills of Orange County California. One of the few untouched natural areas left. We started with a rehearsal on Thursday, executed by Angelia the clubs bridal coordinator and myself. Two ultimate professionals! Our rehearsal went off without a hitch. We wanted to be well prepared for the big day . No room for errors when 170 guest attend.

I’m always very delighted to be able to meet the parents and bridal party before the nuptials . Even though we had a hot day at 90* lots of water and shade was in order. A great group of family and friends attended. Ariana was so blessed and honored to have her 89 years young Grandfather a Marine in World War 2 very highly decorated with many important medals. WOW A true America Hero. Justin and Ariana choose the “ My Favorite Ceremony “ with a few custom modifications we made it their own . A lot of laughs were had an some serious heartfelt moments too .  As I pronounced them husband and wife the guests roared with delight ! A standing ovation happened for this excellent event . Followed by cocktails, dinner dancing and cake the evening was well underway. Wishing Justin and Ariana Macias a abundant life filled with love and happiness . Thank you for selecting me and Great Officiants.

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