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A Singing Star from Scotland at the Mountain View Ranch in Agoura Hills

Sandi & MattIt started out like any other wedding.  A nice couple, obviously in love, planning for the greatest day of their lives.  I arrived at the Mountain View Ranch in Agoura Hills in plenty of time, everything was in order, and the ceremony went off without a hitch.  At the end, the bride, Alexandria, took the microphone and led the assembled guests in a rousing song, after which she and her groom, Matt, danced away and into their new lives.

It was only after all of this that I discovered that Alexandria is a major singing star in Scotland: Sandi Thom!  And the two lively musicians who were playing for the ceremony were friends of hers who had also been on some of her albums!  She had not told me about any of this.

It was probably the most fun wedding I’ve ever been a part of!  prep 1 prep 2 prep 3

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