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Erica & Leticia tied the knot at 72nd Pl. in Long Beach. They chose one of our beach packages and the set up is absolutely beautiful! Even though it was a rainy day in Southern California it did not stop us from having a beautiful ceremony.

The beautiful couple lives in Texas therefore we were never able to meet in person while working together to design the perfect ceremony for them. We originally had a FaceTime meeting and then after that were in constant communication over texts, emails, and phone calls. The end result was a bilingual ceremony with our sand ceremony and also a necklace and ring presentation for Leticia's son, Gabriel, symbolizing how important he is to both of them and how much they love him! Gabriel also participated in the sand ceremony so instead of having two individual containers of sand we had three, representing each of them.

I also said some words paying respect Leticia's parents who are no longer with us but were there in spirit. This was followed by a brief moment of silence in honor to them. Since they were not present Leticia decided to present Erica's parents with roses and a handkerchief representing the love and appreciation she has for them.

I customized their ceremony to represent the beautiful couple and their son to a T. It was truly a very personal and unique ceremony!

Leticia, Erica, and Gabriel I wish you all nothing but love and all the blessings in the world! Thank you for giving me the honor of officiating a beautiful ceremony for such an amazing love story!

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