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A New Family of Choice Created by this Rainbow Union – Tim & Danny

Tim & Danny’s north Long Beach home was the setting for their beautiful nuptials on Saturday afternoon.

Family and friends from near and far gathered in their backyard to witness — and participate — in a highly personal celebration of life, love, marriage, family & community!

012This custom ceremony, penned & led by Great Officiant Pris Munson, included a reading of the powerful poem “THE TRUE LOVE” by David Whyte from The House of Belonging, uplifting thoughts about marriage, and a re-telling of the couple’s love story.

Tim & Danny also wanted their ceremony to include the unique elements of: a group blessing of their rings, a silver bar exchange, a group energy bond, and Passing The Love!

In order to create a mood of togetherness, when it came time for the ring exchange, everyone took turns silently holding & blessing the rings to the soaring accompaniment of “Cristofori’s Dream.”

041What is very special about these particular rings is right before they were passed around, Pris announced they were Tim’s parents’ original rings from their wedding 50 years ago that they had given him 25 years ago in hopes that this day would arrive!

Later, in keeping with Catholic wedding traditions in Mexico, our two grooms exchanged a silver bar and pledged their mutual investment in caring for their home and providing for each other’s needs.

The intention of this silver bar exchange was to also remind them of the blessings of Mother Mary and the Holy Spirit and of all the good that they will experience as lawfully wedded husbands.

391And finally, to conclude their custom ceremony, Pris invited Tim & Danny’s “family of choice” to stand and encircle them and create an energy bond by holding hands with their left hands palms up and their right hands palms down to symbolize giving and receiving.

Then, as everyone “Passed the Love” for our grooms around the circle by squeezing hands one by one, final blessings & good wishes were sent from our hearts to theirs!

It was a perfect way to usher them into marriage with one gigantic group blessing!

And even though the next door neighbor’s dog kept adding their voice to the proceedings, it didn’t really matter.

Because, as it says in Corinthians 13… “Love is patient.  Love is kind.”





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