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A Golden Sunset Over the Surf and Sand in Laguna Beach

IMG_4030A golden sunset over the Pacific, from the wedding balcony at Surf and Sand in Laguna Beach, was exactly the setting envisioned by Thomas Jones and Kendra Gibbon for their marriage September 25.  And as promised by Great Officiants, Rev.Dr.Gary Barmore expressed in the ceremony words and feelings that drew the guests close to the hearts of this blessed couple and blended family. When the photographer asked Rev. Gary where he would be standing, he replied “all over the place” because the ceremony he leads has movement as well as content.  Also, because in this particular case, the extra tall groom would block the officiant’s ability to see the guests whom he was addressing.  What a beautiful bride and handsome groom!  What fantastic kids they are bringing to one home!  What a glorious venue!  What an exciting and moving ceremony!

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