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A Calm and Pleasant Day at Turnip Rose

Kindal Kincade and Jeremiah Bright were worried about their chosen day for matrimonial vows.  October 12 was right in the middle of forecasted fierce and fire-hot Santa Ana winds — a big problem for an outdoor wedding at Turnip Rose in Costa Mesa.   To great relief, their special day dawned calm and pleasant.   Late-afternoon rays of the sun bathed bride and groom, as well as the wedding party and 150 guests.  Kindal smiled joyously while Jeremiah shared his “love letter” to her before God, family and friends, and Jeremiah blotted Kindal’s tears of happiness as she voiced her love note to him.  They were so appreciative to Great Officiants of Long Beach for recommending Rev Dr Gary Barmore to plan with them and preside over a ceremony that was faithful to their Lutheran tradition, yet communicated with a dynamic contemporary style.  After pronouncing the couple Husband and Wife, Dr Barmore invited them to the table of the candle ceremony, to express in symbol what had happened in reality: their two lives aflame together forever.  With no wind whatsoever, no one got nervous that the flame could start a wildfire like others burning in California.  Prayers went out for those suffering, but joyous gratitude was the order-of-the-day for Mr and Mrs Jeremiah Bright.  

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