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A Beautifully Decorated Ceremony from the Heart at Coyote Hills Golf Club in Fullerton

suvin1Justin and Angela had nowhere to turn, they were looking for a traditional Indian ceremony, fused with some traditional American customs, and a reading from the Bible. Many Hindu Pundits even turned them down because they had tattoos.

This truly saddened me.

In this day and age, there was still discrimination against how someone looked or how they chose to live their lives. Suvin representing Great Officiants, was more than happy to help this beautiful couple.suvin2

At the beautiful Coyote Hills Golf Club, I provided a traditional ceremony, in full garb, starting with a prayer, a garland exchange, a unity candle, and ending with their custom written vows.suvin3suvin4suvin5

They laughed at the appropriate and well placed jokes, they cried at the romantic elements, they smiled at the love being shared.

suvin6 suvin7 suvin8

Check out this awesome video testimonial. Thanks Justin and Angela, and congrats!:

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