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A Beautiful Location, Under the Shade of Elm Trees, at Swiss Park in Whittier

IMG_4021A beautiful setting under the shade of thick elm trees, provided by Swiss Park and Lodge in Whittier, was the perfect venue for the wedding ceremony of Ashley Beltran and Michael Sandoval.  In the early-evening coolness, Rev.Dr.Gary Barmore of Great Officiants led the couple and their children in vows, sand ceremony and — to the delight of eighty guests — turned them outward and asked friends and family to affirm loving support with a rousing “We Do!”  The personal statements given by the bride and groom to one another in the presence of  their dear ones were profound and inspiring — with a touch of whimsey.  After the ceremony, everyone retreated to the classic ballroom where Norma and her crew took great care of the celebration.

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