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Peter and Xochitls’ Special Day.

Pete and Xochi were finally united in Matrimony at the Oaks Club Golf Course in Valencia. When Pete told me about his proposal to Xochi on her birthday in February, I have to say it’s the most unique, bizarre proposal I’ve ever heard. He took her out to her favorite restaurant for dinner, and right as they got their appetizer, a man adjacent to their table got down and proposed to his girlfriend! The whole restaurant cheered and Pete told Xochi he wanted to congratulate them, even though she insisted on giving them privacy and leaving them alone. Pete got uncomfortably close to them and Xochi noticed how strange Pete was acting, and suddenly he took the ring from the couple and turned around to propose to Xochi! She said, “of course, yes, but give that poor girl her ring back!”

It turns out the couple were married friends of Pete’s and he had planted them there to throw her off. Well it sure did the job. Xochi said, “it was the most confusing, awkward, most wonderful moment of my life!’

I’m looking forward to celebrate with you!

Wesley Crump

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