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600 Wedding Guests And Only 100 Were Invited…….

Roger had the honor of marrying Ruben & Vanessa this last Saturday at the always amazing Ayres Hotel in Hawthorne.  This particular Ayres hotel has an amazing central courtyard with beautiful trees and wonderful acoustics for the ceremony.  The staff and venue coordinator are always spot on and always willing to go the extra mile to help out…..except there was nothing they could do this last Saturday to ask the extra 500 or so uninvited wedding guests to leave the ceremony….. Not that there was anything anyone could do………you see, a swarm of over 500 bees had decided about a hour before the ceremony, to make their new home right in the tree over the alter !!  The group decision was to still have the ceremony where it was at but not to make any quick movements…. and it worked out perfectly !  Not one person got stung or even bothered !  I guess Roger’s ceremony went over well with the bees too, not one of them complained.  And as you can imagine, it gave Roger some really great material for fun comments throughout the ceremony !!

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